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sankaku dustpan

金物加工が盛んな町、新潟・三条市の板金職人に製作工程のほとんど手仕事のみで仕上げていただいた品です。 溶接加工は一切せず1枚の鉄板を熟練の技術にて折紙のように折り曲げて成形していくため、非常にシンプルな カタチになり機能性(掃き掃除がし易い)が高い仕様になります。 三角ホウキの各サイズにぴったりに収納できるサイズなので、合わせてお使いいただくことでとても便利 で使い易いお掃除道具としてご活用いただけます。
It is the article which had the town where hardware processing is prosperous, a sheet metal craftsman of Niigata, Sanjo-shi finish it only by most handwork of the production process. It is in very simple form, and it is in functional (easy to do cleaning up) high specifications not to do the welding processing at all, and to bend one piece of iron plate like origami in an expert technique, and to mold it. It is good to each size of the triangle broom and it is convenient at all and can utilize it as the cleaning tool which it is easy to use because it is the size that I can receive by having you use it in total.
掃き込み口は直線のため漏れなく ゴミ・チリを掃き入れられます
I sweep the dust for a straight line without exception, and the sweeping into mouth is put.
三角ブラシや三角竹柄ホウキと セットでご活用いただけます。 吊るすことも可能です。
You can utilize it with a triangle brush and triangle Takegara broom and a set. you can hang it.
(三角チリトリ) 長さ39cm x 幅25cm
Color:Green /Black/ Silver  
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