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Paper  tray

紙という素材の特性を現代の技術で最大限に生かし形。 女性でも扱いのし易い”軽さ”を生かし、 特殊なコーティング塗装にて”丈夫さ” を最大限にまで引き出して作り出しています。
I make use of a characteristic of the material called the paper by a modern technique to the maximum and make it with form.
I make use of "lightness" which even a woman treats it, and is easy to expand and I draw "robustness" in the maximum by the special coating painting and create it.
I make special coating processing on thickness structure to cause it. I can bring about general strength, moderate water resistance by this processing.
Besides, I express an expression peculiar to what I quite paint with persimmon juice, black persimmon astringent juice more as 5~6 time and repeat.
In addition, I feel "the taste" in a thing embezzling such as the skin of and can use it because there is a change of the color taste by the secular variation in a property of the persimmon juice.
立ち上がり縁の重なり部分には金属の止め金具を使用しております。強度はもちろん「意匠」的な雰囲気を醸し出しております。 塗装は1つ1つ人の手による「刷毛塗り」を施しておりますので、1枚1枚ずつ「刷毛目」による異なる”表情”を楽しみください。
I use metal end metal fittings for a heap part of the relationship in a start. I bring on the atmosphere that is a "design" mark not to mention strength. Because I give "the brush coating" due to the hand of one person, one painting, please enjoy different "expression" by "the fine striped pattern" one by one.

重さ120gという軽さですので 女性の方でも使い勝手が良いです

Because it is lightness of 120 g in weight, even the woman is convenient.

飯碗とお椀などを乗せて、 ちょっとしたお膳使いとしてもご活用いただけます。

I ride a rice bowl and a wooden bowl and can utilize it as a rather famous low dining table messenger.

Size:  直径 27.7cm x 高2.5cm 
made  : 新潟 (神田紙器製作所)
Price : ¥2,800(税抜き)
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