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"oguni" Japanese paper card case

新潟県長岡市小国地域で古くから生産されている和紙「小国紙」を 素材とし、オリガミデザインのご協力のもと幾何学的折り紙技法を 駆使し制作して頂きました。
The card case which put geometric origami technique in one piece of small country (29x39cm).
I assumed Japanese paper "small country paper" produced for a long time in Nagaoka-shi, Niigata small country area material and had I made full use of cause geometric origami technique of the cooperation of the origami design and produce it.
There is the pocket which can put away a card in both surface.
There is the pocket which can put away a card in both sides in the spread.
紙の強度&耐水性などを高める為に(こんにゃくのり、柿渋、ベンガラ) を使用し、表面に塗装加工を行っております。
また、強度を増す為 に内部に厚紙を入れております。
I paint it on the surface and, with (konjac paste, persimmon juice, red ocher), machine it to raise strength & water resistance of the paper. In addition, I put a cardboard inside to add to strength.
Size         : L 10.5cm x W 8cm
Material:小国産楮, トロロアオイの根
made    : 新潟・小国地域
Price     : 2,000円(税抜き)
和紙を製造していただいている「小国和紙生産組合」は、原材料の楮(こうぞ)の生産から行い、昔からの手法をふまえ 和紙作りさてれております。地の利を生かし雪を活用して作られることで独特の「白」が生まれ、紙の質感としてもハリ のある強い紙が出来ます。
小国和紙の特徴でも「29cmX39cm」というサイズは各家庭で手作りされていた時代に土間の 1坪ほどのスペースで漉きぶねなど紙づくりの道具が限られていた為、このサイズの紙を漉いていたことが由来です。
"oguni Japanese paper production association" having you produce Japanese papers performs it from production of "kouzo" of raw materials, and Japanese paper product Risa is embarrassed on the basis of the technique from old days. Because I make use of a geographical advantage and utilize snow and am made, unique "white" is born, and it is possible for strong paper firm as feel of a material of the paper. Because the size called "29cmX39cm" makes even the characteristic of the small country Japanese paper in the space approximately 1 tsubo of the dirt floor in the times handcrafted in each family, and the tool of the making of paper including the tool was limited, it is an origin to have made paper of this size.
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