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Hinoki box stool




The feature is that a cover is on.

It is the form that subtracted "a tool to sit down" on to a minimum.Because it is the shape of the box, it is very light, and storingis possible inside.


両サイドに持ち手穴がありますので 持ち易いです。

Without sense of incongruity, any affinity with the furniture is good even if I put it wherever and is stool to be simple, and to be, and multipurpose, to be able to utilize.Because there is a handle hole in both sides, it is easy to have.




You can put away a book, food, documents, bits and bobs.

I can feel the fragrance full of the refreshing feels of the hinoki when I open a cover and can feel refreshing whenever I open out.

茶葉を入れるのに使われる「茶箱」を元に より座り易く、

持ち易く、使い易くを 考慮し作り上げた箱型スツールです。

It is easy to sit down by the cause and is easy to have "the tea box" which is used to put a tea leaf and is the box type stool which I use it and built up in consideration of fortunetelling.



左側が新品時、右側が2年後時 。経年変化による色の変化を楽しんでいただけます

An adult sits down and is all right even if I have you get on as a substitute for a step.

The right side is time in a new article the left side two years later. You can enjoy the change of the color by the secular variation.

「留め仕口加工」という木工技術によりすっきりした印象となります。 また、「契り加工」により接着強度もしっかりした造りです。 箱物木工技術で長けている小田原木工職人の技ならではの造りとなっています。

It becomes the refreshing impression by a woodwork technology called "the flagging down means processing". In addition, the bond strength is reliable made by "CHIGIRI". Only by the skill of the Odawara woodwork craftsman who is good at it in a box Monoki mechanic technology become made.

Size : 外寸:L 29.5 x W 29.5 x T 42cm

Material: 国産ヒノキ、  ブラックオールナット


made  : 神奈川・小田原


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