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sankaku broom & handle broom


All the broom craftsmen of Yamagata, Shonai finish the triangle broom by one one handwork. I produce size and specifications suitable for a modern lifestyle by the traditional manufacturing method.
Because the outstanding job broom is small size than a general room broom, it is the size that it is light and is easy to use.
In addition, I can have you use the number of years that has a long it to prevent that a point depend and turns in what I use because the broom tip is prepared diagonally.

(三角ホウキ size:S) 

Size:L 約35cm x W 約22.5cm


Made :山形




It is the size that it is easy to use with each size depending on a place of how to use and the cleaning.

(三角ホウキ size:M) 

Size:L 約80cm x W 約30cm




手仕事による美しい編み込み お部屋に飾るように掛けておけます。また、Mサイズの先端は耐久性と掃き心地を 高める為に斜めに切り揃えられております。

I take it to display it in the beautiful braided room by the handwork and can put it. In addition, I cut it diagonally to sweep it, and to raise a feeling, and the tip in medium is made even with the durability.

素材のホウキ草は しなやな穂先を使用 している為長い年数 をご使用いただくこ とができます。

Because the broom grass of the material uses the soft tip for a long time, I can have you use the long number of years.

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